We believe that the strength of the different Internet technologies cannot only transform organizations,
but will be the only way to do business in the future. Thus we are committed to supporting corporations to
e-enable their enterprise to compete effectively and successfully in the Global marketplace.
We are a knowledge based organization
- With a committed staff of highly skilled and qualified professionals.
- IT Consulting and Web based Solutions provider.
- Caters to the business needs of large corporate.
- Diverse skills-set across platforms and vertical segments.

Nashik.com - This is first portal of Nashik city. The city, vibrant and active on the industrial, political, social and cultural fronts, the portal covers it all.

Marathiworld.com - Marathiworld.com is a portal associated with Marathi language and Maharashtra. It is a cultural abode of Marathi and Maharashtra in the webworld.

HRDelight – Complete Human Resource Information System

EIA – Web Based E.R.P solutions

Campaign Manager: Customer Relationship Management tool

Help Desk: Comprehensive IT support management system.

Pay-Soft: Windows Based Payroll Processing Software.

SCSS (Scientific Criminal Search System): Criminal Search System Software for Police Stations.

ACB-Soft: Windows Based Document Management Software for Anti Corruption bureau

ACR-Soft: Windows Based Activity Completion Report in regional languages.

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